You’re Ready To Hire Your Lift, But Are You Safety Ready?

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You’re Ready To Hire Your Lift, But Are You Safety Ready? Here’s A Rundown On Some Of The Most Common Safety Concerns You Need To Keep In Mind For Your Next Project.


You’ve done your research, and feel confident that the lift you’re planning to hire is the best one, but have you taken time to ensure your safety considerations are in place? We’ve put together a quick list of safety checks you can make to ensure your next project is a successful, accident-free one.


It goes without saying that you have to ensure that your operator is fully equipped and trained to operate the lift. Any lack of experience can result in accidents and loss of productivity on site. If you are unsure how to ascertain or procure trained lift operators, you can always ask your lift rental solution for information.

Site conditions

If you are unsure about site conditions, bring it to the attention of the rental company. They should have the available experience to provide you with technical consideration and support to ensure you do not experience any safety issues.

Some important site conditions you should take into consideration include overhead restrictions, especially when there are cables installed on the site under which workers and machinery need to pass.

The second consideration is machine swing, as this will restrict the use of larger boom lifts. Articulated boom lifts are often a better choice if you’re dealing with restricted access. If you’re unsure, a good rental company should offer you 24/7 technical assistance which should help you make the correct decision.

Noise is another safety concern, especially when the site is indoors. Choosing an electrical lift model will not only significantly cut down on noise, but will also keep emissions down to a minimum.

The working surface

Indoor and outdoor sites will have different effects on the tyres fitted to your lift. Foam filled tyres are the best choice when it comes to outdoor sites. For indoor work, special, non-marking tyres should be considered, especially if the site has floors installed.

Outdoor project sites also offer their own set of challenges. If you’re struggling with sloping sites, consider increasing the gradability of the lift to offer better stability. If the site has debris, high ground clearance will be an important consideration. If your outdoor site has experienced heavy rainfall or just has muddy or soft ground, you will have to use a lift with an elevated working platform with four-wheel drive.
This is by no means an extensive list of all the safety concerns you have to keep in mind when working on site, but are some of the most common frustrations contractors have to deal with. If you need any technical help, do not hesitate to contact your lift rental , who should have a 24/7 technical support on boom, scissor, or cherry picker lifts, like we do.