Why Transporting Equipment For Hire Or Sale Should Be A Top Priority

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Finalising a deal on hiring or buying machinery can bring great relief. You’ve finally found the critical piece of equipment your business needs to get going with production. Have you considered how you’re going to transport it to your premises? Do you have the means and the know how to safely transport everything you’ve hired or purchased while adhering to road regulations? That’s a lot to consider, isn’t it?

Rather than adding this to your already overburdened to do list, why not get the professionals to do it for you? It makes more business sense to choose an access hire company that can also transport your equipment. Just make sure they take into consideration the following:

Weight, Length And Height Of Equipment

Depending on these specifications, the company would need to have rollbacks or lowbeds that can accommodate the equipment. If the machinery is over a certain weight, length or height, then the company should be able to determine which parts can be removed and transported separately to lighten the load. They’ll also need to have the necessary signs or lights displayed on their vehicle to alert other drivers to the abnormal load.

Safeguard Equipment During Travel

Are any parts likely to move or get damaged while being transported? Consult with the company about whether certain parts can be covered or protected. You also need to consider that the equipment can get dirty during the transportation and might require covering. Equipment with doors or latches must be latched carefully to prevent them from swinging open in the wind. Ensure that battery or electrical components are disconnected so that they aren’t drained or damaged when they reach your business premises. This could delay the work that you’re planning to start with.

Experience And Complying With Legislation

When assessing a company’s ability to deliver on your equipment transport needs, you need to check whether they have experience in transporting similar equipment in the past. Portfolios and testimonials are always good indicators, as are qualifications. Ensure that their drivers are fully-licensed to drive specialised rollback or lowbeds that carry heavy loads.

At Sterling Access, we can transport any load up to 70 tons, and we have the necessary transportation to accommodate the equipment you’ve purchased or hired from us. Contact us today for a free quote on our transport services.