Why Training Is a Big Issue In The MEWP Industry

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Who would you prefer at the helm of a piece of heavy machinery, someone that knows what they’re doing or an employee that’s skipped a few steps and has questionable credentials? The answer here should be a no-brainer. However, if you were to ask the person paying who they would prefer to hire, the answer might surprise you. Sterling Access is involved in access hire in Mpumalanga and prides itself in having highly trained employees.

Mobile Elevating Work Platform

MEWP is an acronym that stands for a Mobile Elevating Work. MEWP is a specialised category that includes machines that allow people to reach and work at an elevated height, among other purposes. Within this group, you will find boom lifts, scissor lifts, mast booms and more. These kinds of machines are also called cherry pickers.

All kinds of MEWPs have the function of elevating people, equipment, and tools to reach high up work stations or areas that need attending. Although commonly used safely, there are inherent risks when it comes to possible misuse and incorrect application of these machines. It is for this reason that every aspect of a MEWP is regulated and governed by stern safety standards.

Operator’s Responsibilities

The ones that we trust to operate these machines safely and responsibly have a few guidelines to follow. Operators are responsible for reporting any defects or issues, for instance. Another big task that operators of MEWPs are expected to carry out is the complete pre-inspection and full function testing of the equipment. Risk assessment is a big part of the responsibility that they’re expected to take on.

Training Responsibilities

Cherry Pickers may seem pretty simple, but given the bureaucracies and legalities, Cherry Pickers are not. There are likely more untrained operators of MEWPs than anyone can measure. This is a scary risk to take as these are heavy-duty pieces of machinery that we’re talking about.

On the topic of training, something to be wary of is the legitimacy of training providers. These bodies should be accredited with the relevant SETA. They should be a recognised body by the relevant professional body, not to mention, they should be registered with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).

If you’re in the market for a new or contract MEWP, Sterling Access will have just the machine for the job. Operated and manufactured by licensed and trained professionals, there is no room for concern here. Get ready to gain access to a range of Cherry Pickers and prepare to find more than one machine to suit your needs, as well as the training which goes with it. Also educate yourself on some safety tips before considering access hire in Mpumalanga. Contact us today!

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