Which Industries Make Use of Lifting Equipment Besides Construction?

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When you think of lifting equipment (such as scissor lifts, cherry pickers, articulating boom lifts and vertical masts), the first industry that may come to mind is the construction industry. And while lifting equipment is heavily relied on by the construction industry, there are many other uses for this type of equipment.

Here are just a few of the other industries that may be looking for lifting equipment for sale from time to time. Brace yourself for a few surprises!


What would the agricultural industry use cranes and hydraulic lifts for, you may be thinking. But farms are actually heavily dependent on heavy machinery to get everyday tasks taken care of. Some of the most common types of equipment that you’ll see on farms include things like forklifts, tractors, and telescopic handlers. Cherry pickers were actually first used on farms to pick fruit from tall trees.


The entertainment industry has a neverending need for lifting equipment. Film sets often require scissor lifts and other forms of hydraulic lifts for set creation, and telescopic boom lifts are often used to film live events so that the videographer can get the perfect angle!


Zoos make use of lifting equipment from time to time when it comes to building and fixing enclosures, as well as lifting heavy animals who need to be transported, out of their enclosures.


Engineers are the brains that bring ideas into reality, and this requires a lot of research and planning. The engineering industry often needs to make use of lifting equipment to test how certain structures may work before committing to a project, and this may require building smaller-scale models.

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