What You Need To Know When Considering A Electric Scissor Lift Hire

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You’re ready to sign off on an electric scissor lift hire agreement. Before you finalise your decision, have you chosen the best power source for your needs? Most electric scissor lifts have a range of characteristics with unique benefits and drawbacks that need to be considered. Knowing these will help you pick a model that gets the job done quickly and to your satisfaction. Keep reading to find out more about what to consider when finalising your electric scissor lift hire.

Are you looking for a machine that offers power over function?

Electrical models offer less power than diesel-powered scissor lifts. Many businesses overestimate the power and weightlifting needs of their jobs and choose a diesel model, thinking that the more lifting power, the better. It’s important to understand your machine’s maximum lifting capacity, whichever model you choose. A diesel-powered model’s lift cycle and operational speed will be similar to an electrical model, and modern electric models combine an electrical drive and integrated components with additional hydraulic hoses and fittings to keep them operating for longer without needing charging. Unless you need to lift heavy loads over a long period without a loss in performance, an electrical model is a better choice.

Are you looking for a machine that works indoors or outdoors?

The cost of a diesel’s engines power is emissions that come from it continually burning fuel while in operation. As a result, it’s not a great choice when working near densely populated areas where clean breathing air is essential. A side effect of operating with a rechargeable battery is that it also makes little noise, which again is important when working near the public. Being quiet and emission-free, electrical power lifts are your best option for working indoors, and their narrow width makes them perfect for confined spaces where tight manoeuvrability is needed. It’s also the more environmentally friendly option, which is something modern businesses are starting to prioritise.

At Sterling Access our we have a range of quality electric scissor lifts for hire, with our 2646ES electrically powered scissor lift and 3246ES electrically powered scissor lift being the most popular models. Contact us today to find out more about hiring one for your needs.