What You Need To Know Before You Buy A Scissor Lift

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Depending on the nature of your business, you may be considering a scissor lift for your operations. This mechanical equipment is suitable for providing aerial, vertical lifting and can come with different functionalities suited to your needs. Before you look for an electric scissor lift for sale that can help you access hard-to-reach places in the workplace, here’s what you need to know.

1) Different Models Have Different Capacities

Weight and height capacities differ per model and can determine how you use your scissor lift. Diesel scissor lifts vary from 8m to 18m high platforms, whereas our electric scissor lifts range from 6m to 14m in height. You may need a higher capacity for your warehouse solutions or interior window and ceiling cleaning. Before you purchase a scissor lift, you need to make sure you’re buying one that’s the appropriate weight and height dimensions suitable to your lifting needs.

2) Not All Models are Made For Outdoor Use

For rugged external environments and rougher surfaces, you’ll need a sturdy four-wheel diesel scissor lift. If you’re in the business of tree felling or exterior painting, you’ll need equipment that has the durability to be able to navigate through tough terrains. It’ll need to be ready to go over mud, gravel and possible corrugated roads.

3) Safer Than Other Basic Equipment

Ladders can be relatively cheaper equipment to purchase in comparison to a scissor lift. However, just because it’s low-cost doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the safe option for your team to use. In comparison, a machine can lower the risk of accidents occurring as well as of injury. The design of scissor lifts allows for easy entry and exit onto the platform, and it’s advised that your staff always use safety wear or harnesses when operating the equipment.

4) Platforms Are Space Efficient

Unlike low-cost ladders, platforms on scissor lifts are more space-efficient and economical to use in aerial settings. Because it has a free-standing design, it’s easy to manoeuvre into tighter spaces without having to rest against a wall or beam. It also allows for more than one person to be on the platform.

As you begin your procuring an electric scissor lift for sale for your business, consider how often you’ll be using the equipment and that your staff are able and qualified to operate the equipment. Speak to Sterling Access for assistance in determining whether a diesel or electric scissor lift is right for your lifting needs.