What to expect from the aerial work platform market in 2018

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If your business regularly uses or interacts with aerial work platforms, it’s important to know
the trends the market is set to experience in the next few decades. This is because it could help you
predict the demand that you’ll be facing as well as make the necessary arrangements for all the
equipment that you’ll need. Here are a few trends to look out for, according to Global Market
Insights report on the aerial work platform rental market. It covers products, applications, industry
analysis, regional outlooks, growth potential, price trends as wells the competitive landscape and
forecast for 2017 to 2024.

More urban infrastructure

Governments are set to invest more in infrastructure in emerging economies such as South Africa.
Accompanying these projects will be a more critical outlook at worker safety when undertaking
necessary repair and maintenance work, and both contractors and companies will be required to
invest in safe installation and maintenance platforms when working in at-risk areas such as on street
lights and around transformers and power cables. Companies will also be required to have access to
such machinery on demand when working in inaccessible areas or elevated locations, as it’s difficult
to predict when it will be needed.

Better fleet management alternatives

Businesses are coming to realise that owning and operating a fleet comes with its own challenges,
and that purchasing equipment will involve accounting for repairs as well as onsite and online
training and certification for all workers. There will be an increased need for access platform
companies that can provide a full-service package through a single convenient touchpoint. This
means that clients are encouraged to seek out better aftersales services to accompany the main
product or service offering.

More high-rise construction

As space becomes more and more scarce, the need for high rise construction will increase. With it
will come an increased demand for machinery that can offer a wide movement range and high lift
height, such as articulated boom lifts, which will enable builders to build upwards instead of

To be prepared for these market changes, your company should make sure that whatever
construction, building or engineering sector you operate in has the necessary aerial work platform
equipment needed to get the job done.