What is the Difference Between a Telescopic Boom Lift and an Articulating Boom Lift?

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As you look through online catalogs advertising both telescopic boom lifts and articulating boom lifts for hire, you may be uncertain as to what type of boom is right for you and your project needs.

In many ways, these two types of booms are very similar, but they do have a few stark differences that should be noted if you want to make the right choice. As experts in industrial lifting equipment, we’ll outline some of the main differences and similarities for your convenience.

Reach of Articulating boom lifts

Both articulating and telescopic booms have impressive reach, but it is important to understand the way in which the booms are structured. Articulating booms have pivot points that allow the boom to reach around and over obstacles. In contrast, telescopic booms only extend in a straight line. While both booms offer horizontal and vertical reach, articulating booms don’t necessarily have to be in a straight line.

Applications of Articulating boom lifts

Articulating boom lifts are perfect for ‘trickier’ and more compact spaces thanks to their ‘up and around’ reach, while telescopic boom lifts often require a bit more space and are ideal for working on bridges, skyscrapers, etc. In the end, articulating booms for sale are usually more popular as they offer more versatility.

Power Source

Telescopic boom lifts are typically used outside and for that reason, they are usually diesel-powered. When it comes to articulating booms, you usually have the option of choosing between a diesel-powered boom or an electric boom. Electric booms are ideal for indoor use as they are quiet and don’t emit any fumes.

Which is Right For Me?

The type of boom that is right for you will depend on what type of projects you’ll need it for. If you need ‘up and around’ reach for compact spaces and indoor use then an articulating boom lift is probably the better choice. If you want maximum reach for outdoor projects, then you may consider a telescopic boom.

Whether you’re looking for a telescopic boom lift or an articulating boom for sale, Sterling Access has all the lifting equipment that you’ll need. Feel free to browse our website to get a better idea of our product offering, or contact us if you want to speak to one of our knowledgeable team members.