What are the Best Uses for Push Around Lifts?

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Push around lifts are very popular elevated work platforms that essentially eliminate the need for ladders. These vertical masts allow for working heights of up to roughly 14 metres and are praised for their safety features and convenience.

Push arounds are very commonly used for a wide range of indoor applications such as painting, maintenance, light repair work, decorating, etc. In this article we’ll have a look at a few of the reasons why push around lifts are so well suited to indoor use.

Non-Marking Tyres

Push around lifts are specifically fitted with non-marking tyres and stabilizers fitted with rubber so that they can be used indoors without creating any sort of marks on the floors. This typical feature of push around lifts gives you peace of mind when working on an indoor project.


Push arounds don’t weigh nearly as much as other types of lifts, making them perfect for indoor applications and even fragile floors. The fact that they are lightweight also makes them easy to transport and set up.


One of the most significant advantages about push around lift is that they are quiet thanks to them being electric. This means that any residents or people working in the building will not be unnecessarily disturbed.

Easy Setup

Push arounds are very easy to setup, and full setup can be achieved by one person within a matter of minutes. It is this convenience that makes them so popular. This saves your project both time and money.

Compact Size

The compact size of push around lifts allow them to fit into all manner of indoor spaces, and squeeze into tight corners. The small stature also makes these lifts very easy to transport, and they can easily be driven from site to site.

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