Unusual Ways To Make Use Of Your Scissor Lift Hire

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Setting Up At Venues

A scissor lift can help setting up and taking down structures such as signs, video screens, speakers and more at large theatres, concert venues and halls. It can also be utilised in sports fields to repair headlights, fit in scoreboards and install temporary seating for sports games that are expecting a larger crowd. Scissor lifts can help with the placement of scoring mechanisms such as soccer poles, rugby poles, basketball and netball hoops too.

Undertaking Inspections

There are plenty of places that are difficult to gain access to. There are also hard to reach places for building evaluations and repairs. A scissor lift can be used when conducting warehouse inventories especially when you’re working with shelves that several metres high. No ladder will be stable enough to do all the work. However, a lift will enable the staff to reach all the shelves with little trouble and much more safely.

Fixing Fun Rides

Everyone wants to have fun, and roller coasters are a thrill that many people enjoy. However, they too need to be kept safe for use through undergoing constant maintenance. While some rides are low enough that repairs are easy to do without assistance, some roller coasters and other exciting rides are difficult to access and need a lift.

Scissor lifts can be used for anything from maintenance to inspections, so whether you want one for sale or hire, you’ll plenty of use for yours. Contact Sterling Access today to get started.