Understanding The Push Around Quick Up 14 And How It Works

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No matter how high they go; ladders aren’t always suitable for reaching certain areas at height that you want to paint or clean. There’s always the danger that you could fall as you lean forward to reach a spot you’re missing. This is where the push around lift comes in. This machine has revolutionised the way working at height is done indoors by mimicking the action of someone pushing you around. The benefit is that the push around lift can be used by just one person, and because the person using it will stand in a stabiliser that offers support as they work at a height, it’s a much safer way to get work done. Here’s a more detailed look at what a popular push around lift model, the Quick Up 14, offers.


When purchasing a push around lift like the Quick Up 14, you can choose between a power supply or battery power. This can often depend on the area you’re going to be working in and your access to reliable plug-in power. The Quick Up 14 also comes with push control buttons and lights that indicate what position it’s in, so you’re able to see it for yourself.


You can access heights from 7 to 14 metres with the Quick Up 14. The platform height itself is 12.3 metres and it has a carrying capacity of 136 kilograms. The Quick Up 14 is compact, so it will help you to literally squeeze into even the tightest of spots. The design also allows you to easily transport it into through doorways and even into lifts. It’s lightweight in design, so you can use the Quick Up 14 on fragile surfaces like tiles. Its mechanics are smooth and with non-marking wheels you won’t have to worry about leaving scratches and unsightly spots in your wake – a must when working on a client’s premises.

Choose The Quick Up 14 Today

The Quick Up 14 has the capacity to dramatically improve how fast your work get done, and that it gets done safely too. Sterling Access has vast experience in working with this amazing piece of equipment and can advise you on how to get the most out of your Quick Up 14, whether you choose to hire or buy it. Get in touch with us today.