Understanding Different Types of Vertical Mast Lifts: Which One Is Right for You?

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Do you need access to an elevated area but have limited floor space available for access equipment? A vertical mast lift is the ideal machine for you. It will provide you with the necessary access safely and conveniently without taking up horizontal space.

However, if you’ve been looking for a vertical mast lift for sale, you no doubt would have come across various options. Let’s look at some options so that you can make a more informed choice and go with the vertical mast lift that’s right for you.

Tracked Vertical Mast Lifts

Most vertical mast lifts have four wheels for manoeuvring around. However, if you wish to operate your vertical mast lift on more uneven terrain, a tracked version is much better.

These provide greater traction and stability on rough terrain, such as at construction sites or in agricultural applications, thanks to the intermediate supporting wheels in the track system.

Tracked vertical mast lifts also provide greater slip resistance, so they are a great option for working in wet areas.

“Go Anywhere” Vertical Mast Lifts

Sometimes, you need a vertical mast lift that can go anywhere because it’s needed for various jobs. Whether it’s used for painting the ceiling, doing repairs or installations at height, hanging lights, or stacking and retrieving boxes on tall warehouse shelves, a versatile and agile “go anywhere” vertical mast lift is what you need.

These feature a simple basket that is safe yet versatile enough for various tasks, and they come in multiple heights, ranging from about 4m to 6m tall. It’s essential that you choose a vertical mast lift that is the right height for your needs.

Safety First Vertical Mast Lifts

While safely operating a vertical mast lift depends on being properly trained and attentive, you can always choose a machine with additional safety features.

A vertical mast lift that is designed for maximum safety will feature things such as a more secure and snug cage for the operator, non-slip steps, vertically opening doors (also known as “Lambo” doors), and an adjustable picking tray to safely place tools or equipment while working.

If you have a highly sensitive working environment and need enhanced safety mechanisms, such a machine might be best.

Outreach Vertical Mast Lifts

Sometimes, you need your vertical mast lift to have a bit of horizontal reach as well. Maybe you need to reach out over a trench or a stack of boxes, or perhaps you just want the convenience of having some reach without repositioning the machine.

A vertical mast lift with outreach capabilities can give you an additional 3m of horizontal reach, thereby providing you with superior flexibility while working at height.

Sterling Access has a range of vertical mast lifts available to suit any application. If you’re looking for a high-quality vertical mast lift for sale, contact us now!