What type of projects are ripe for a cherry picker?

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Cherry pickers are a familiar sight on construction and industrial sites, in the tree felling industry, and wherever tall, hard-to-reach places need to be accessed.

If you’re wondering whether your project would benefit from a cherry picker, here are some of the most common uses for this versatile boom lift.

Cherry pickers reach higher and swivel better

If your site is crowded and the project you are working on requires your workers to reach high, hard-to-reach places, a cherry picker is the ideal choice.

With its small base, long neck and ability to turn up to 360 degrees, a cherry picker can reach areas that are not directly above its base – this is not the case with scissor lifts and articulating boom lifts.

Watch out for trees and power lines

Cherry pickers are able to reach great heights and swivel – and for this reason they are suitable for structures that don’t have trees or power cable right next to them.

It’s important to check the area around the building you are working on to ensure that your workers are out of harms way when they are on the aerial platform. Once that’s done, there is almost nothing that will prevent your team from servicing hard to reach spots on any structure.

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