What type of boom lift should you hire?

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The two main types of boom lifts – telescopic and articulating – are some of the most useful pieces of equipment on any construction site and are a familiar sight to any maintenance crew.

For many contractors, the choice between a telescopic and articulating lift is hard to make. To help you decide which one is best to hire for your project, let’s find out more about these high-reaching machines.

Telescopic lifts – for when you need the highest reach

Tree felling, power line repairs, and installations in tall and hard-to-reach parts of buildings are all perfect projects for a cherry picker – also known as a telescopic lift.

Famous for its tall neck that extends into the sky, carrying workers and equipment up to 40 metres above the ground, the cherry picker is perfect for sites and locations where space on the ground is limited.

The neck can swivel horizontally, transporting workers to tall locations even if the ground surrounding the building is impossible to access.

Articulating lifts – perfect for getting around obstacles 

Articulating lifts have arms that fold and bend, allowing the aerial platform to reach high locations while avoiding obstacles lower down – this is perfect for working above power lines, phone lines, or building balconies.

If you still have doubts about which lift will suit your project, let us help. Contact us today with your project specifications and we will match them with the ideal equipment from our range.