Two Horror Stories That Perfectly Illustrate How Not To Use A Boom Lift

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Boom lifts can be dangerous. That’s why we must always take the utmost caution when using them. Below are two horror stories that illustrate why we should always follow safety protocols when using or looking at a boom lift for hire.

Four Guys And A Boom Lift

The day was hot. Four guys stopped their truck at their worksite, and instead of unloading their boom lift from the truck onto the ground, they decided to use it where it was. After all, a truck is a flat surface, isn’t it? Well, not really. Three guys went up in the lift. To add to the fun, they decided that harnesses and lanyards were too much work. Thankfully that may have saved their lives. It begins to tilt. In what seemed slow motion, the lift fell ever so gently off the truck. The three hopeless guys in the basket managed to jump out, and only minor injuries occurred. What did we learn from this? Always unload your boom lift from the truck!

Boom Lifts Are Not 4×4’s

Another hot and sunny day. A boom lift needs to get past a tree that is growing on a slight slope. No problem, right? We can just drive it around the tree! Let’s stop right there and tell you that although boom lifts have wheels, they are not 4×4’s. The driver begins to drive the it ever so slowly around the tree, lifting the basket to avoid the tree as he goes. Lifting the basket however, changes the centre of gravity.

The boom lift ventures around the tree, seemingly taking the incline in its stride. Like a workman who has been hitting the whisky bottle for too long, the long boom arm slowly causes it to tilt. The more it leans the faster it tips. Before long its centre of gravity has shifted completely, and very gracefully, it falls over onto its side. What do we learn from this? Firstly, boom lifts are not 4×4’s. Secondly, never try to drive your boom lift on an incline with the boom extended, and always be aware of your shifting centre of gravity!

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Sterling Access always makes sure its customers know all about safety precautions even before making a boom lift for hire. For more information about a boom lift for hire get in touch with Sterling Access today!