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Efficiency and sustainability are two of the most critical driving factors for modern industrial operations. Not only can these reduce costs, but they can also improve a company’s reputation.

Here at Sterling Access, we have trailer-mounted cherry picker options that offer efficiency and sustainability thanks to their intelligent power systems.

We supply the reputable Haulotte brand of boom lifts, in particular the HTA13 P, HTA16 P and HTA19 P models, with reach heights of 10.9 m, 13.72 m and 16.84 m respectively. What makes these trailer-mounted boom lifts special is that they are electric-powered, with the option for a DC/gas hybrid configuration if needed.

Let’s take a look at these machines’ power options.

Electric Power For Green Efficiency

One of the most notable features of our Haulotte HTA series of trailer-mounted boom lifts is their electrical power source. These lifts are equipped with a 4×6 V 245 amp-hr battery system that ensures a clean and green power supply.

Electric power is inherently cleaner and more environmentally friendly compared to traditional fossil fuel-powered or internal combustion engine alternatives, as it produces zero emissions. This makes these boom lifts a great choice for indoor applications, on construction sites in environmentally sensitive areas, or in any other project where you wish to minimise emissions.

Electric power can help significantly lower operating costs, as it tends to be more cost-effective than petrol or diesel, leading to substantial savings over the lifetime of the equipment. The maintenance costs related to electric machines are also often lower than their internal combustion engine (ICE) counterparts.

Another critical feature of such electric equipment is that it is quieter and thus of great value in noise-sensitive environments, such as residential areas or indoors, where noise pollution can be a health and safety concern.

Electric power provides these boom lifts with consistent torque and power, which is advantageous where precision and controlled movements are key. This ensures smooth and stable operations, thereby ensuring a safer working environment for workers and operators.

Efficient Charging Capability

The inboard 25-amp charger native to the Haulotte HTA series of trailer-mounted boom lifts simplifies the charging process and offers superior convenience, as operators no longer need to carry external chargers or seek out charging stations when recharging is required.

The 25-amp charger ensures faster charging compared to lower-amp chargers, which means that the equipment will spend less time idle, thereby minimising downtime and improving productivity. This is particularly important on job sites that are quite busy, where equipment availability can have a material impact on project timelines.

Importantly, the inboard charger is designed to match the machine’s specific battery system, thus ensuring greater compatibility and safer, more reliable charging.

Safety & Versatility Ensured

Another notable feature of the Haulotte HTA range is its built-in 110 V ground fault interrupt (GFI) protected power supply. This feature is important as it enhances safety and provides a degree of versatility. The GFI protection prevents electrical accidents from occurring by quickly cutting power in the event of a ground fault, thereby ensuring the safety of the operator and anyone near the platform.

Additionally, the 110 V power supply provides significant versatility, as it allows operators to use a range of power tools and equipment directly from the platform, eliminating the need for extension cords and reducing the risk of tripping hazards and other safety issues. This can ensure more productive and efficient operations, as there is no need to spend time going up and down the lift to access tools and materials.

Flexibility Afforded

While the electric power features of the Haulotte HTA range of trailer-mounted boom lifts are ideal for sustainable and green operating, the whole range is also available in a DC/gas hybrid configuration, which can extend run time in applications where continuous operation is critical or where frequent recharging is not possible.

This is ideal for operations in remote locations where access to electric power outlets might be limited and charging might be infrequent. It also allows for versatility, as the machine can be more adaptable to various job requirements.

At Sterling Access, our range of trailer-mounted cherry picker machines is available for sale as well as rental. Contact us today to find out more about which option might be best for your project.