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We have trailer-mounted booms for hire! Please have a look at our electric trailer-mounted booms range below.

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trailer mounted boom lift hire


trailer mounted boom lift hire




From 13 to 19 meters, both indoors and outdoors, trailer-mounted boom lifts are one of the most popular type of platforms for skilled tradesmen and local communities. Trailer mounted booms are an ultra-portable solution that can be towed behind a truck or van and moved easily from site to site. Electric-powered, they operate both indoor and outdoor where their outriggers support work on uneven ground. Hydraulic outriggers with automatic leveling provide quick set up. They are available in articulated or telescopic versions.

Reliable & Well-Maintained Trailer Mounted Boom Lifts from Sterling Access

Trailer mounted boom lifts are one of our most popular access hire options at Sterling Access. The main reason for trailer mounted boom lifts being such a popular choice is that they can easily be towed behind a vehicle as your tradesmen move from site to site, providing you with easy access.

Our Trailer Mounted Boom Lifts For Hire

At Sterling Access, we have a large fleet of trailer mounted boom lifts for hire (that we are continuously adding to). It should be noted that all of our trailer mounted boom lifts for hire are electric.

In our trailer mounted boom lift fleet we have HTA13 P, and the HTA16 P, with platform heights of 10.9 metres and 13.72 metres respectively. These units have hydraulic outriggers and automatic levelling that allow for quick and easy operation.

This type of boom lift offers easy access on the move and exceptional productivity opportunities. These trailer mounted boom lifts can be used for indoor or outdoor projects and can be placed on uneven ground.

Choose between articulated or telescopic boom lifts. If you are uncertain about which option is most suitable for your project’s needs, simply chat to one of our professionals, who’ll be able to advise you.

Who Are Sterling Access?

Sterling Access is a well-respected access hire company based in Gauteng, South Africa. We have been operating for several years, and have built up an impressive fleet over the years. We have been involved in hundreds of construction and renovation projects, and our end goal is to always meet our client’s individual needs to the best of our ability.

In addition to offering trailer mounted boom lift hire, we also offer scissor lift rental,, cherry picker rental, push around lifts for hire and so much more.

Go with an access hire company that you can trust to provide you with well-maintained and reliable boom lifts; choose Sterling Access!

Looking for a reliable, trailer mounted boom lift to hire? Get in touch with the professional team at Sterling Access today!