Is a Trailer Mount Boom Lift Suitable For Your Business?

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With so many equipment options to choose from, it can be tricky when deciding which one is best for your business. If you’ve worked with Sterling Access before, you’ll already know we offer affordably priced MEWPs (Mobile Elevating Work Platform) and cherry picker hire in Limpopo, Mpumalanga and the Western Cape and the surrounding areas, but you might find that your equipment needs have changed, or you’re expanding your business and need a new mobile work platform solution. If you’re considering a trailer mount boom to get the job done, here’s what you need to know about choosing this option:

What is a trailer mount boom lift?

To put it simply, a trailer mount boom lift works similarly to a standard boom lift and can be used for aerial jobs or lifting items to places at height. The main difference is that it’s much larger and less flexible and therefore can’t be moved. This makes it more suitable for outdoor or heavy industrial use. Other unique qualities possessed by a trailer mount boom lift is that its platform can both move vertically and rotate at a 360° angle. As it relies on hydraulically powered outriggers, it’s much steadier to operate at height. Finally, as it can run on both alternating current and direct current power, it can be used when power supplies are limited or have failed.

Is a trailer mount boom lift suitable for my business?

If your work frequently sees you at high altitude outdoor locations, this machine would be suitable for you. It’s a popular choice for companies that frequently deal with maintenance work of multistorey buildings, stadiums and properties. It can also be used for tree maintenance and care, installing and repairing lighting and signage as well as cleaning windows and buildings and maintaining roofs and gutters.

Despite its size it’s still fairly compact, which means that negotiating narrow spaces easier than expected. Combine this with its ability to rotate 360 degrees, your workers will be able to complete circular jobs quickly as the actual machine body won’t need to be rotated.

Investing in this equipment will also require you to have a form of transportation to take it to and from job sites. If you can provide adequate transportation, a trailer mount boom lift is a worthy investment for your business.