Top Uses For Cherry Pickers You Might Not Have Considered

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Buying a cherry picker is a major investment to make. Many companies opt not to purchase one as they feel that it will have limited uses in a building or construction environment. While rental is always an option for those not ready to invest, it should be kept in mind that aerial lift machinery has several practical uses your business could benefit from that you haven’t even considered – or you could resell it to one that does. Here are just a few of these uses.


Cherry Pickers are perfect for use in reaching telephone, cable and transmission lines that are elevated. In a country like South Africa where disconnections are common, it helps to have a machine that let’s you access the point of repair easily and quickly. No more workers having to use ladders or climb up poles, as you can easily lift them (and their equipment) in a safe and convenient manner.


Once a building is constructed, decorating can begin. When painting the exterior or adding final touches you might need to get to awkward or out of reach areas to do so. Your cherry picker will ensure you don’t miss a single spot. It’s also a great way to liven up a building with a painted mural or advertisement that would cost a fortune if you used a billboard or another paid form of advertising.


A cherry picker works excellently in a farming environment. Research and experience has shown that it not only helps farm workers access fruits from tall trees (such as apples and peaches) but also assists with thinning, pruning as well as installing insect monitoring devices. This can save farmers on time, insurance and labour, as well as money.


A common problem for many businesses in South Africa is keeping their office exterior clean in unpredictable weather as well as when pest birds like pigeons take up residence in out of sight gutters and nooks. Not only will a cherry picker allow you to do window washing, but it will also allow you to implement pest control measures for the future.

Now you know exactly how your business can use its cherry picker!

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