Tips To Make Scissor Lift Operations More Effective

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Whether you’ve been operating scissor lifts for decades, or have just gotten the necessary certifications, there’s always room to improve your approach to using this equipment. Most owners and operators will know that there are obvious safety considerations that must be followed, so here are a few other tips, that when implemented, can make your use of your scissor lift easier, safer and more efficient.

  1. Make sure you perform inspections

Never skip a pre-usage safety inspection, and be sure to consult your manual and training guidelines for info on what specific elements need to be inspected. Other important checks will include ensuring the platform is clear of tripping hazards, and ensuring the surrounding ground is free of obstructions. Indoor scissor lifts usage requires you check that there’s adequate ventilation, and outdoor ones require that you ensure there is no strong winds present at the worksite.

  1. Do your checks

It’s not only important to check that your machine’s parts are working, but also that its various core functions (some of which you might not use often) are working too. The battery charge indicator, as well as the alarms and beacons of a scissor lift are areas that can easily be forgotten during inspections.

  1. Have a team

If you’re working in a large open area free of obstructions, you can likely navigate around without assistance. However, when working indoors or near structures, there’s always a chance you will develop a blind spot or miss something. When navigating near tight areas or near ceiling beams, ensure you have a team (at a safe distance) to guide you or the operator.

  1. Work slowly

This is possibly the most important tip to increase your effectiveness when operating a scissor lift. It might not make sense at first, but you should realise that when you work slowly, you reduce your chance of making errors and while also increasing the accuracy of your movements, which also prevents incidents. In the long run, this will save you more time than rushing through a task.

If you need further assistance of navigating your scissor lift, or are interested in hiring or buying one, you can contact Sterling Access for assistance. We will help you get set up on the machine of your choice and ensure you know how to use it like the back of your hand.