The Incredible Versatility of Trailer-Mounted Cherry Pickers

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In recent years, trailer-mounted cherry pickers have really shone as the superstars of the lifting equipment world. With more and more industries adopting these machines for their daily operations, the incredible versatility of trailer-mounted cherry pickers is undeniable.

As experts when it comes to lifting equipment, we’ll take this opportunity to discuss some of the standout features that trailer-mounted cherry pickers have become famous for. Here are just a few:

Light and Compact

The defining feature of a trailer-mounted cherry picker, especially when compared to regular cherry pickers, is its small compact size. Its small stature makes it perfect for getting into hard-to-reach places, that traditional cherry pickers may not be able to access.

Easy To Use

Trailer mounted cherry pickers are not as intimidating to operate as larger lifting equipment often is. The controls are all properly proportioned and the simple features make these machines an absolute breeze to operate.

Effective Features

Often praised for their highly effective features, trailer mounted boom lifts typically boast telescopic booms, hydraulic outriggers and fly-booms among other exciting features that put these lifts a step ahead of the rest.

Easy to Transport

One of the most popular attributes of trailer mounted boom lifts is undoubtedly the fact that these lifts are so easy to transport. This is both thanks to their lightweight and built-in towing accessories. You can easily get these cherry pickers to your worksite and move them around the site whenever necessary.

Strong and Robust

Despite their small stature, trailer-mounted boom lifts are surprisingly strong and robust and can handle impressively heavy loads with accuracy and skill. This is what truly makes them some of the most versatile machines out there and ideal for a wide range of industries.

Are you looking to buy or rent a trailer mounted cherry picker in South Africa? Browse the incredible selection offered by Sterling Access or alternatively contact our team directly to discuss your lifting equipment needs. We’d love to help you find the perfect platform for your project!