The Advantages of Using Indoor Cherry Pickers for Warehouse Operations

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Using access equipment indoors can make a big difference in your warehouse’s efficiency and ability to conduct work at height safely and quickly. Here are some of the distinct advantages of using an indoor cherry picker in your warehouse.

Improved Safety

If you don’t have indoor cherry pickers to access high areas, your workers will have to resort to using ladders or portable stairs to reach high shelves and other items stored high up. However, a secure platform with guardrails makes cherry pickers a much safer option, providing more stability and support for the worker.

When workers have to use stairs and ladders, there is an increased risk of slippage and falling, which can lead to injuries. Not only are cherry pickers inherently safer and more stable, but enhanced modern features such as tilt sensors and emergency stop buttons make them even safer.

Improved Efficiencies

When using indoor cherry pickers, workers can access high areas and carry out their tasks much more efficiently and quickly. It allows warehouse staff to navigate the warehouse quickly, moving from shelf to shelf without much effort.

If the worker used a ladder, they would have to climb down and reposition it multiple times, taking longer to retrieve the needed items. Therefore, having a more efficient means of accessing high areas helps improve your warehouse’s productivity and enhances overall operational efficiency.

More Flexibility

When using ladders or moveable stairs, it can become difficult to set them up in certain areas due to space constraints and other complications, such as slippery or uneven floors.

However, indoor cherry pickers allow workers to navigate narrow aisles and tight spaces quickly and easily while still being able to reach key items at height. Articulated boom lifts can even allow workers to reach over obstacles, providing superior flexibility and manoeuvrability.

This kind of adaptability and ability to maximise the available space makes indoor cherry pickers the go-to option when flexibility in your warehouse is required. It enables you to optimise your warehouse’s layout and storage arrangements to maximise space and make the whole operation more efficient.

Using access equipment in your warehouse operation can improve operational efficiencies. Contact us at Sterling Access to learn more about our indoor cherry picker options for rent or sale.