Streamlining Your Lifting Project: Our Logistics Services

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One of the biggest challenges many contractors face is getting hired equipment to the site safely and on time. If you use Sterling Access for lifting equipment hire in Durban, we can help you transport your heavy machinery to where you need it.

Let’s take a look at the logistics service we offer.

Various Truck Sizes

We transport a variety of heavy equipment (up to 70 ton) for our clients, thanks to our diverse range of trucks.

On the smaller side, we have a 12 ton rollback truck with a width of 2.6m and a length of 9m, complete with a winch. This truck is ideal for transporting smaller machines to and from the site with ease.

We also have three 30 ton lowbed trucks, each measuring 2.6m by 9m, capable of transporting small to medium-sized equipment. These are a popular choice because of their mid-range capabilities. These also come equipped with a powerful winch.

On the slightly larger side, we offer a 45 ton lowbed for bigger equipment needing to be hauled. This truck is 3.3m wide and 13m long, providing ample space for big loads.

Our biggest truck is the 75 ton lowbed, also measuring 3.3m in width and 13m in length. Both the 45 and 75 ton trucks come with removable gooseneck trailers. These additions make the loading and offloading of heavy machinery as easy as possible.

Safe and on Time

We prioritise punctual on-site arrivals because we understand delays in equipment delivery can disrupt workflow and lead to expensive downtime. For this reason, we implement meticulous route planning and scheduling to ensure prompt equipment delivery and minimise delays.

Moreover, our experienced drivers are well-trained in safe and responsible truck driving practices to ensure your equipment is delivered to the site without incident. Our logistics team is well trained in the art of load restraint, ensuring your equipment is 100% secure.

Our trucks are maintained to the highest standard to eliminate the risk of breakdowns along the way. This attention to truck maintenance leaves no room for unnecessary delays and avoids putting your equipment at risk.

Streamline your project with Sterling Access. Our goal is to deliver a seamless logistics service, granting our clients peace of mind by ensuring their valuable assets are securely handled, leaving them free from worry. Contact our team for more information about our lifting equipment for hire in Durban.