Signs You Should Invest in a Cherry Picker for Your Business

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Cherry pickers, also known as telescopic boom lifts, are very popular types of access equipment, and are commonly used on construction sites around the world. Have you recently been browsing cherry pickers for sale, wondering if it is the right investment for your construction business? A cherry picker, especially a new one, is by no means a small purchase and the decision should not be taken lightly.

In this article by Sterling Access, we’ll look at some of the signs indicating that you should invest for your business.
Cherry Picker

You can Realistically Afford the Cost

A cherry picker is not cheap. Are you able to pay for it upfront? If not, would you be happy to take out an equipment loan to cover the cost? Ensure that you can afford the monthly repayments.

There is Sufficient Storage Space on Your Premises

Cherry pickers are rather large, and storage can often be an issue. It is important that you have secure storage for your cherry picker, to protect it from harsh weather, thieves, and vandals.

You Have Regular Need for Vertical Access

Have you had to hire vertical access equipment on a regular basis? Do you feel your business needs a cherry picker to fulfil its needs? Make sure you are noy purchasing access equipment that does not fulfil your business needs.

You Understand the Maintenance Needs of a Cherry Picker

Before you invest, you should ensure you understand maintenance needs and safety requirements so that you can prepare yourself to meet them.

You Have Been Wating to Purchase a Cherry Picker for a While Now

If you have been interested in purchasing a cherry picker for at least a good few months, that is a positive sign that this is a purchase that you’re actually serious about. As this is not a small purchase, you should be sure that it is something you really want and need.

Are you looking for a cherry picker for sale in South Africa? Here at Sterling Access, we offer a wide range of lifting equipment for sale or for hire. We have premium quality  in a variety of different sizes. Don’t hesitate to browse or site or contact us if you have any questions.