Selecting The Appropriate Mobile Elevation Work Platform (MEWP) For The Job

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When a task or project requires work to be performed at a height, it’s important to know which machine will be the most suitable for your needs. Choosing the most suitable Mobile Elevation Work Platform, or MEWP, for a specific job will affect both the time it takes to complete the job and will determine the costs as well. As a leading provider of access equipment hire in Mpumalanga, Sterling Access knows the questions that you need to ask when you’re looking to hire a MEWP for your access needs.

MEWPs available for hire come in various models with features suited to specific tasks at height and the ability to function in different locations and environments. It’s crucial for safety and efficiency to have the right equipment available to the people carrying out the work.

Consider The Following When Choosing Access Equipment


  1. Equipment Used

The equipment you choose to hire will need to be best suited to the terrain, environment and complexity of the work. For each eventuality, you may find a selection of options available each with its potential pros and cons.

  1. The Location

The location will take into account the distances that needs to be covered, the height or reach requirements and how many people will be accessing the same space.

  1. Accessibility and Space Requirements

Consider the accessibility and space requirements. Determining factors will be whether the height to be accessed is indoors or outdoors, how much space is available for setup and installation and whether there are any restrictions or obstructions.

  1. Ground Conditions

The ground or surface will affect the kind of lift equipment you should choose. Ground conditions, slopes, road access and load restrictions are key.

Further to the above, your choice will be based on the duration of the work, training of personnel, budget and the weight of the loads that may need to be lifted.

Choose A Trusted Supplier

Choosing the appropriate lift equipment for the job is crucial, as using the wrong type of MEWP can result in delays, damage or serious injuries that will cost you money. When you hire access equipment you should choose a supplier to work with who is trustworthy, reputable and who will provide excellent service. The range of equipment must adhere to international standards and local legislation.

Sterling Access equipment is available across South Africa, including Mpumalanga, and we pride ourselves on being reliable, competitive as well as dedicated to great customer service.

For further information and to view a catalogue of access equipment for hire in Mpumalanga, contact our knowledgeable team at Sterling Access.

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