Why Scissor Lifts Are So Beneficial for Contractors

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Scissor lifts have many benefits, and they are used to help lift you in the air to do repairs, finish a building project and get to all those hard to reach places. You should consider scissor lift hire if you need effective equipment that can get the job done for your team.

A scissor lift can give you a strong, durable platform to work high up in the air. The platform is surrounded by railings, so it’s relatively safe and you cannot fall off. Industry professionals also refer to a scissor lift as a MEWP, or a Mobile Elevated Work Platform. These machines come in various sizes, making it ideal for anyone to access high to reach places when they have a construction project to complete.

The struts underneath the platform that lift up the unit are hinged, hence the term scissor lifts. They look like a pair of scissors beneath the working area. You can get a small machine for indoor use, or larger machines that you can use outdoors on construction projects. Scissor lift hire is an ideal solution, as you can rent the type and number of machinery units you need to complete your project.

The advantage of using a scissor lift over scaffolding is the speed and security. You can easily put the machine where you need to, as opposed to setting up scaffolding. You’ll also be safer as these machines have rails along their working platforms to protect the people working here. You must also use harnesses inside the platform, to make it even more secure and keep you from falling off any height.

One of the things to keep in mind is that you should assess the height that you’ll need the machine to lift to, as well as the spread that it should cover. These equipment comes in various types and sizes, so you need to know upfront what you’ll need for your project. Although scissor lifts generally only go up and down, there are some that can also do a horizontal shift for several metres.

Where to Use Scissor Lifts

These lifts can be used anywhere you need to reach up to do work. Where you would traditionally use a long ladder, these lifts are much more durable, easy to work with, and safe. You can do maintenance in a shop, put up signs in front of a business, carry out routine maintenance on telephone or electricity poles, or even clean a warehouse or building that has multiple stories.

You can hire a scissor lift from a reputable provider who specialises in scissor lift hire. It’s more affordable than buying your own equipment, especially if you only need them for smaller projects. You can also ask for helpful tips and advice on how to safely operate these machines, or get a qualified operator to assist.

Sterling Access specialises in scissor lift hire solutions for your construction project. For more information about out equipment, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.