Say goodbye to scaffolding – hire a scissor lift instead

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Whether you are repairing an existing structure or building a new one from scratch, you and your team will be spending a lot of time accessing high and hard to reach places. The traditional, and supposedly most cost effective way to do this has usually been to erect scaffolding – but there is a faster, easier solution.

Scissor lifts – think of them as instant scaffolding

Compared to the time-consuming task of building scaffolding, hiring a scissor lift can save you valuable time on-site. After loading the platform with workers and equipment, this type of lift will allow your team to reach high areas on the outside of buildings in under a minute.

The familiar criss-crossed struts of a scissor lift provide excellent support for the aerial platform, which can be loaded with weights exceeding 300kg depending on the size of the lift.

Scissor lifts offer great stability for tasks that require a lot of strength and movement, and the ample size of their platforms provides space for equipment and supplies. This is especially useful for painting and plastering as well as window installation.

A stable choice for sites with clear ground 

To use a scissor lift to its maximum potential, the ground surrounding the building should be clear and reasonably level – but rough terrain scissor lifts are also available for uneven sites.

Scissor lifts provide excellent height and stability, but offer little sideways movement, making it essential to clear the ground directly below the work area so that the lift can be securely positioned.

Sterling Access offers a range of scissor lifts to suit any project – contact us today to hire one.