Safety Checks To Consider Before Hiring Lifting Equipment

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Finding lifting equipment for hire in Mpumalanga seems easy enough. You search for service provider companies in your area and then arrange them for use. However, as simple as it is just to use the first affordable company you find, there are serious safety checks that you should factor in before hiring lifting equipment. Inspecting access hire equipment before agreeing to hire it is imperative and can save you from further unexpected costs due to poor maintenance.

Equipment in a poor condition can be a risk to your employees as well as have huge financial implications for your business if any accidents occur. How do you ensure that the access equipment is safe to use before you decide to hire it? Here are a few pointers.

Confirm That It’s In Working Condition

Ask the supplier to show you that the machine is in working condition. You wouldn’t want to spend your money on equipment that malfunctions during use or doesn’t switch on. Although a supplier can decline to do this and refuse your business, a reputable service provider should be happy to do so if they regularly maintain their machinery. Don’t assume the condition of equipment based on its face-value.

Conduct A Physical Inspection

A physical inspection is imperative in determining if the equipment you intend to hire is safe and functional. An examination can highlight any physical damage and is useful to note so that you don’t void your deposit. It can also highlight cosmetic damage that may indicate more serious internal issues. It’s crucial that you ask suppliers to prove that machinery has only superficial damage before making your decision and make sure that all pre-existing damage is noted.

Ask Your Supplier About Their Compliance

According to South African regulations, lifting equipment machinery should be load-tested once a year to ensure that it’s safe to use. It’s essential that you ask your supplier if they have complied with this legislation before considering using their service of lifting equipment for hire. It’s also important to check if they regularly service their machinery according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Look for a SAQA approved qualification.

Lastly, before you make a lifting equipment hire in Mpumalanga, ensure that you have the right personnel for operation. Don’t assume that just anybody can use the equipment. Maintaining safety is paramount to your employee’s well-being, and you must confirm that your team is qualified to work with such equipment.

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