Do You Have A New Construction Project Coming Up? Find Out If A Cherry Picker Is The Right Vehicle For The Job!

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Any construction project manager will tell you that hiring the right construction vehicle for the job is probably one of the most important decisions you’ll make for the project. With the wide range of construction vehicles we have available for hire, we are often asked which construction vehicle is the right one for the job.

To help you decide, we’ve put together a couple of considerations you have to make when it comes to deciding whether you need a cherry picker for your construction project.

How high, and how far

If you need to get into difficult to reach areas, a cherry picker is often the best choice, as they are great for getting people high up, with some great horizontal reach. Remember that you shouldn’t add in your own height or reach to the distance you need to go, since it could cause strain for your workers, and is a safety issue.

The weight you need to get up

The weight you put in the bucket of the cherry picker will greatly affect whether it’s the right vehicle for your job. If you’re thinking about raising heavy equipment, rather consider giving us a call, and we’ll give you the best possible choice of vehicle for your project requirements.

Whether your project site is indoors or outdoors


Your project site will probably be the best indicator whether a cherry picker will be the right vehicle. Outdoor sites normally have uneven terrain, or sometimes even ground water issues you need to be aware of. If you need to work at an incline, this can also have an effect. There are various cherry picker models that are well suited to outdoor sites, so make sure to list your needs when you hire a cherry picker.


For indoor projects the biggest concerns are often emissions concerns, which means that an electric model cherry picker would be your best bet. Remember to make sure that the model you want will fit through corridors or narrow spaces.

Your next project may have various unique features that are not addressed above. If you need expert advice on the right construction vehicle for your project, feel free to contact us today for a professional assessment of your construction vehicle rent needs.