Q & A with Perey Labuschagne about Cherry Pickers

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Perey Labuschagne is one of the branch managers at Sterling Access.

We recently had a quickfire Q & A with him.

Q: What is your biggest cherry picker available for hire?

Perey: Our biggest cherry picker currently is the Haulotte HA43TPX with a massive working height of 43 meters.

Q: What are cherry pickers used for?

Perey: We have had various applications for cherry pickers. We have had people cutting trees, taking photos, painting, playing golf, the uses of a cherry picker really is endless. As we say, “” The Sky Is NOT The Limit”

Q: What brand of cherry pickers do you have?

Perey: Most of our fleet consist of JLG machines which are built in the USA, we have recently also acquired some Haulotte machines which are built in France.

Q: Why hire a cherry picker?

Perey: Providing a safe, convenient and cost-effective means of working at height, our powered platforms deliver the ideal solution as the replacement for more traditional methods of access. With ever-changing Health and Safety regulations and an increasingly diverse fleet of machines to suit all needs, the use of powered access has grown dramatically to help reduce project length and lower costs in industries ranging from construction, engineering and maintenance, to telecommunications, transport, energy and more.

Q: Why is it called a ”Cherry Picker”

Perey: Cherry pickers were originally designed for use in orchards (though not just cherry orchards) where they are still used frequently. It lets the fruit picker pick fruit high in a tree with relative ease (source:

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