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Push Around Rental

At Sterling Access, we offer a large range of push arounds for rental. 

Looking for Quality Push Around Rental Options in South Africa?

Sterling Access has everything that you’re looking for!

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Our Push Arounds for Rental

At Sterling Access, we offer a large range of push arounds for rental. Some of push around options include:

  • QUICK UP 7
  • QUICK UP 8
  • QUICK UP 9
  • QUICK UP 11
  • QUICK UP 12
  • QUICK UP 13
  • QUICK UP 14

We stock the Quick Up range of Push-arounds as this brand is highly reliable and durable. These push arounds have been completely adapted for a comprehensive range of indoor projects, and can be transported manually or towed.

Their tyres are non-marking which is ideal for indoor projects. They are compact in size making them easy to get into small places like lifts, and it also makes them ideal for storing.

The Quick Up push arounds require minimal maintenance, and are great value for money. They offer you height access capabilities ranging from 4.7 metres to 14 metres.

Push Around Rental
Push Around Rental

Push Around Rental with Sterling Access

When renting a push around from Sterling Access, you have quite a few different options available to you. We are very flexible with our rental periods, and offer our push around rental services to all areas within South Africa. All of our push arounds are regularly maintained for your safety and productivity.

So Much More Than Just Push Arounds Rental

While Sterling Access is well-known for our push around rental services, we offer a lot more than just that! We rent and sell a wide variety of other access equipment, including scissor lifts, boom lifts, trailer-mounted boom lifts, and more. We have been in the industry for many years and have had the opportunity to gain valuable experience and insight which we offer our customers.

Looking for a push around rental? Interested in any of our other services? Get in touch with us today and we can chat about your access hire needs.