Picking an Articulating Boom Lift: Electric Versus Diesel

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Articulating boom lifts are extremely useful pieces of access equipment where flexibility and manoeuvrability are required. There are two different lift options available: diesel and electric.

Here at Sterling Access, we offer both diesel and electric articulating boom lifts for sale and for rent. Let’s explore the ins and outs of these articulating boom lift types to help you weigh up your options.

Diesel Articulating Boom Lifts 

One of the greatest reasons why you would choose a diesel articulating boom lift is that it offers greater versatility in outdoor applications. These machines are great for outdoor use, especially on rugged terrains and construction sites, because their powerful engines provide the torque needed to navigate rough surfaces.

These machines are not intimidated by steep inclines or bumpy surfaces, which gives them greater mobility outside, where access to electrical outlets for charging might not be available.

The longer operating range diesel-powered boom lifts provide over electric machines means they can be used for longer hours without needing refuelling (or recharging). This is hugely advantageous in projects that require continuous operation over extended periods.

The diesel articulating boom lift typically has higher load capacities compared to electric models, thanks to the more powerful engines. This makes it a good option for lifting heavier materials or equipment to elevated work areas. This can boost safety and productivity while reducing the complexity involved when working at height.

Also, refuelling a diesel machine is far quicker than recharging an electric one.

Electric Articulating Boom Lifts

Electric articulating boom lifts are easily the more environmentally friendly option. They produce almost zero emissions during operation and are much quieter. This makes them more environmentally friendly and preferable for indoor usage.

However, articulating boom lifts can be used outside quite easily as well, as long as they have access to a power outlet for charging.

These machines are well-suited to projects in environmentally sensitive areas or in indoor applications where emissions need to be minimised.

The quiet operation electric boom lifts offer compared to diesel models makes them suitable in noise-sensitive environments, such as residential areas or highly populated areas. Using electric equipment is preferable when working around hospitals, churches, educational institutions, and more.

Their quiet operation helps reduce disruptions and generally improves the overall working environment for both operators and personnel nearby.

Electric articulating boom lifts typically incur lower operating costs since they do not run on diesel, which is more expensive than electricity.

They also require less maintenance than diesel engines, which therefore reduces long-term operational costs. This is because electrical boom lifts have simpler engine mechanics and fewer moving parts compared to diesel engines, making them easier to maintain.

Whether you’re looking at renting or purchasing a diesel or electric articulating boom lift, Sterling Access can take care of your needs. Contact us for excellent service and competitive prices that will leave you wondering why you ever considered using another access equipment supplier!