Make Sure The Cherry Picker You Hire Meets These Criteria

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If you’re looking at hiring a cherry picker, it could be for any number of applications. You could be doing construction in an area of a building that’s too high to reach, or picking fruit as the name suggests. Either way, when you hire access equipment, you want to make sure that the type and model that you hire is best suited to the job at hand. Here are some criteria to ensure that the machinery you hire is the best for your needs.

Where Is The Job Situated?

You first need to see where you’ll be working. Is the job outside the building or inside? When hiring a cherry picker, you’ll find that various types are manufactured to specific kinds of terrain. If you’re working outside, the equipment needs to be suited to the ground’s slopes or inclines, or the machine will slide, damage property or injure people.

If the job is inside a building, you’ll need to consider that the cherry picker will be used in tighter areas than usual. You’ll also need to hire an electrically powered machine to avoid filling the building with exhaust fumes.

Are Your Operators Licensed?

In South Africa, it’s illegal to operate a cherry picker or boom lift without the proper licensing. When hiring a cherry picker, you first need to ensure that you have someone who can operate the machine correctly and safely.

How Much Are You Lifting?

Each model of cherry picker has a basket to lift people or equipment to where they need to access. The cherry picker that you choose should be able to carry your employees and their tools safely. Check the specifications for the job, and hire a machine that can easily handle the load you intend on lifting.

When you go through the process of hiring a cherry picker, you don’t want to hire the wrong machine for the job. Avoid making this mistake by checking the specifications of the job, and making sure that the cherry picker you choose fits the criteria perfectly.No matter what job requires you to have access equipment, Sterling Access can provide you with it, so contact us today.