Know Your Different Types Of Scissor Lifts

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When you have an electric scissor lift hire it is an incredibly useful piece of machinery whose main selling point is the fact that it takes up less space than a conventional crane or boom lift, and that it can be used in spaces that other pieces of machinery just wouldn’t fit in.

Scissor lifts are great for moving materials up and down a building at a construction site, for workers to reach felling trees, and in warehouses where space is tight but shelves are high.

Low-Level Lifts

Low-level lifts are designed mainly for indoor use. They reach a height of approximately 6 -14 meters, making them great for garages, malls, aircraft hangars, and warehouses. Renting one is also cost-effective as it will be able to handle most domestic applications. Using an electric motor, you can lower your weight and reduce stress on flooring. Most models have non-marking wheels as well, further lowering any wear and tear on floors that may incur.

High-Level Lifts

High-level lifts fall into the industrial category that can reach heights up to 18 meters, making them ideal for construction sites, renovation, cable repairs, and any other jobs that require materials or workers up high. These lifts run on either electric or diesel power, depending on where you’re using it. Be aware, these lifts are rather heavy so they can easily damage sensitive flooring such as wood or tiles.

Outdoor Lifts

Most scissor lifts can be used outdoors, but some are specifically designed to handle rougher terrain. Such outdoor lifts have the same basic design as other scissor lifts and can reach heights of approximately 18 metres. They have rugged tires that can handle sand, rocks, and most other types of terrain. They’re powered with diesel and aren’t reliant on an electrical connection or battery power.

Vertical Mast Lifts

Vertical mast lifts are lifts that are specifically designed to help lift and move pallets in and around a warehouse or construction site. They’re much smaller than the rest of the lifts on this list, and they also don’t move very high up. They may be small, but they can handle incredibly heavyweights. They come in a variety of designs, with some being highly mobile.

Whether you’re looking to buy or rent a scissor lift, you’ll find it’s worth the investment if you need machinery that has multiple uses, can fit and work in smaller spaces and can handle heavy loads – all while operating smoothly and easily.

Sterling Access equipment is available across South Africa, and we take pride in being reliable, competitive as well as dedicated to after-sales service. With our range of electric scissor lift hire, you can propel your access work to new heights. Call us today.