Do You Know The Difference Between A Telescopic And Articulating Boom Lift?

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Articulating boom and telescopic boom lifts are powerful and versatile construction vehicles that you can rent, that can make completing your construction or industrial project easy and cost effective. Even so, not many people understand the specific benefits each vehicle can bring to a project, which is why we’ll show you the differences of each vehicle.

Telescopic Boom Lift

Telescopic boom lifts offer the best horizontal reach of almost any modern construction vehicle available to project managers. Their working platforms are able to extend telescopically, which gives them their name, but they can also be called stick booms on occasion.

Telescopic boom lifts are great for getting you to those hard to reach places, and are well suited to steel erecting, roofing, cladding, bridge projects and many more types of construction projects.

If you have a project that requires you to have the maximum amount of height and horizontal reach, a telescopic boom lift is the best choice. We offer electric models which are well suited to indoor sites, as well as diesel models that can handle the rugged necessities of an outdoor construction site.

Articulating Boom Lift

An articulating boom, has multiple sections in the boom that are able to articulate, granting users unparalleled access to areas that are very difficult to reach. The articulating boom lift is also called a cherry picker, knuckle boom or less frequently, an up-and-over boom.

Due to its design, an articulating boom lift, can reach over obstacles and barriers, giving the operator access to hard to reach spaces that even a telescopic boom lift will not be able to reach.

Our range of articulating boom lifts also come in electric and diesel variants, meaning that no matter what type of site you are working at, you will be able to get a cherry picker that’s right for the job.

If you are still unsure whether a telescopic boom or articulating boom lift is the right choice for your construction site, don’t hesitate to contact Sterling Access today for a professional consultation, or to help provide you with the perfect boom lift for your project requirements.