Is Your Company Ready To Make An Access Equipment Sale?

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Do you own a company that frequently hires access equipment? If so, there will come a time where it no longer is financially feasible to keep hiring one, as purchasing one outright will be a better option. If you’re thinking about buying lifting equipment, there are several critical factors to consider before you take the plunge. As a business specialising in access sales in Mpumalanga, we have years of experience in helping companies choose the right equipment for their business. Here’s what you need to consider when making your final decision.


Before purchasing any machine, you need to know in black and white that it’s going to work out cheaper than continuing to rent one. Buying isn’t always less expensive than renting, as you need to ensure that you use the machine enough to get your money’s worth. Another factor that will impact your budget is its future upkeep. You’ll need to factor in the cost of training operators, maintaining the machine and purchasing replacement parts.


It’s evident that the higher the quality of the lifting equipment, the more expensive it will be to purchase. However, it bears mentioning that this usually means that the maintenance of a better-quality machine will be less pricey and more infrequent. Low-quality models are cheap to buy but costly to maintain. It’s something that will depend on who you buy it from, as buying from a trusted brand or seller usually means that you can expect a certain level of quality.


The capacity of your machine and its safety go hand in hand, so its always better to overestimate your needs, just in case. Cherry pickers have a specific lifting capacity, for example, so do your research about which one you need. Make sure that the one you eventually buy can handle the weight of what you’ll be lifting with a little extra, just in case. Safety isn’t something that can be compromised, so do your research to avoid disaster.

If you’ve decided that your business is ready to make its purchase, do the research necessary. Take your time, ask as many questions as you need and only go with a seller that you can see yourself working with. As access sales specialists in Mpumalanga, Sterling Access more than fit the bill.