How To Pick The Best Cherry Picker For Hire And Meet Your Maintenance Needs

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When it comes to maintenance work, there’s something that large residential properties, business premises, and major construction projects have in common. All three will require the use of a cherry picker if they’re going to be working at height – be it to trim a few scraggly trees or wash windows on ascending stories of a building. The cherry picker has become the machine of choice for working at height, and its versatility makes it a common tool for hire.

What’s A Cherry Picker?

By allowing you to literally reach great heights, a cherry picker lets you access areas you would not otherwise be able to get to. It’s a mechanized tool with a boom that resembles a crane and has a platform at the end, and while it can be operated by a single person, it does have limitations regarding how much weight it can carry. Since a cherry picker is generally required for once-off jobs, it makes business sense to hire one when required. There are several factors you need to consider before hiring a cherry picker.


Depending on the size of your working area and the height you want to reach, you need to get the correct picker. Speak to your access hire company about the specifications of your job so that you hire exactly what’s needed.


It’s difficult to look at a cherry picker and see that everything is working exactly the way it should be. You need to speak with your access hire company to ensure the safety of the picker while at use, as well as the person operating it and those surrounding it in the workplace. You can do this by inquiring about the machine’s service intervals.

Operating license

This is something that you may not have thought of until now, but do you have someone on your staff who’s authorised to operate a cherry picker and is certified according to the requirements of South African legislation? If not, don’t despair as many access hire companies offer specialised training courses for their clients.

If you’re looking to hire a cherry picker today, then pick Sterling Access. We comply with all the above and are ready to advise you accordingly. Whatever your maintenance needs, our cherry pickers can deliver. Contact us today for our cost-effective packages.