How to Know Which Articulating Boom Lift I Should Hire

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Sometimes, manpower on its own just doesn’t cut it. Depending on the type of operation you run, you may require a boost for carrying loads up and down a building. Fortunately, we live in a technologically advanced era with machines like an articulating boom lift for hire that can help with this kind of predicament.

From window cleaning to construction sites or emergency services, access equipment has improved efficiency in multiple industries. However, as a contractor or operations practitioner, you have to look out for specific things before you take on, for example, hiring the right equipment. We feature the top components you should focus on while you decide which articulating boom lift to hire.

1. Identify What Exactly You Need to Use the Equipment For

The most crucial information you need to gather is what you’ll be using an articulating boom for. The types of materials, how much they weigh, as well as where and when you’ll be using it. All this forms a solid departure point for your search.

2. Consider if the MEWP Will Be Moving or Stationary

Some projects require access equipment to be driven from one location to the next, while others take place in the same space, only requiring vertical movement. The type of access lift that you rent should depend on the terrain that the operator will maneuver on.

3. Check Out the Weight Limits on Available Machines

Articulating boom lifts vary in capacity in their ability to carry weight. Crunch the numbers on how much your loads weigh beforehand so that you can secure a lift that’s able to carry what you have.

4. Calculate the Height & Width that the Access Equipment Needs to Reach

Another key thing to consider is how high up your loads need to go. You should choose a boom lift that falls within the relevant range to avoid delays and disappointments.

5. Assess the Safety Measures Attached to the Machine on Offer

Don’t forget to focus on safety checks and procedures. Doing this protects both passengers and property.

As you can see, there’s no one thing that can determine the best decision for you. All these elements matter, so you should get clued up on them. If you’re uncertain about anything, rather hash it out with an expert before you spend any money. Contact Sterling Access today – we’ve got an articulating boom lift for hire and answers to all your questions.

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