How To Gear Up For The New Year’s Building Boom

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Multiple news outlets are reporting that the construction industry is set to experience a rise in activity in 2024.

To take advantage of the growth in the construction industry, follow these tips to ensure that you have the necessary equipment ready for the new year.

Evaluate Your Equipment Needs

First, assess your current fleet and take a look at the upcoming project requirements. This will require you to identify the types and sizes of access equipment needed to safely and efficiently complete the projects ahead.

After determining this, you will need to determine which equipment suppliers can provide the required equipment within the timeframes.

Importantly, consider the costs involved in securing the necessary equipment and the possibility of paying a premium owing to short notice or high demand.

Pre-Book Equipment As Needed

With the construction industry on the rise, many companies will be booking equipment to ensure they can meet tenders or project applications.

To ensure that you are a viable candidate for a job, pre-book equipment such as access booms to secure it when you need it. This will ensure its availability and help you stay ahead of the competition.

Failure to pre-book equipment might lead to a problem down the line where you secure the contract, but then equipment is unavailable for use, leading to reputational and financial damage.

Make a Decision Regarding Rental or Purchase

As the construction industry continues to grow, you will be met with diverse projects that might require varying height and reach requirements. This will mean ensuring that your fleet is diverse enough to handle a wide range of tasks, from construction to maintenance and repairs.

To ensure that you can meet your clients’ needs, consider whether it is necessary to purchase or rent equipment.

For short-term projects, renting might be appropriate. However, if you have some ongoing long-term projects on your order book that require similar equipment, it might be worthwhile investigating whether purchasing the equipment outright is better for your business requirements.

The benefit of renting is that it can meet fluctuating demands and allows you to scale your equipment up or down depending on project requirements. However, for long-term use, purchasing might be more cost-effective.

Here at Sterling Access, we offer boom lift hire services for the construction industry. Contact us today to find out what machines are available and how to secure yours so you don’t miss opportunities in the new year.