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Is the JLG 450AJ Articulating Boom Lift the right choice for your needs?

Having the right lifting equipment for a project can mean the difference between making a tight deadline and missing it by days or even weeks. If you’re looking for an aerial work platform for large-scale plumbing, electrical installation, building maintenance or construction work, the JLG 450AJ Boom Lift is a great choice.

SA’s rising fuel prices make this diesel-fuelled articulating boom lift an excellent option because you can count on the fuel-efficient four tier engine to keep your costs down.

Whether you’re working on a muddy construction site in Limpopo or a concrete worksite in Mpumalanga, you won’t struggle with steering and traction. That’s because the JLG 450AJ Boom Lift comes equipped with four-wheel drive, three-speed motors and hydraulic brakes to ensure four-wheel-drive traction in any conditions.

JLG 450AJ Boom Lift Features

The DuraTough turnable hood provides reliable and effective protection for the mechanics, so you can keep going no matter what. Cylinder shafts will protect the cylinders from flying debris and any damage from the elements.

The 450AG Boom Lift’s neat turning circle and size means it’s particularly useful for navigating tight spaces on crowded construction sites. There’s also no tail swing, which is an important safety feature on a busy project where workers are walking around close to the lift.

If you need to work indoors, the exhaust purifier will minimise emissions, but it’s essential to only operate this Boom Lift in well-ventilated areas.

With an impressive platform height of 13.72m and a horizontal outreach of 7.62m, your team will have the extra reach necessary to work above and around any obstacles.

Platform features include easy-to-use controls that can be operated with one hand to free up the platform operator. Movement is smooth thanks to the proportional drive control, which offers additional safety to your employees, as does the non-skid floor and enclosed foot switch. The steel platform requires minimal maintenance.

The excellent multi-function capabilities of the durable JLG 450AJ Boom Lift will boost productivity and efficiency on your site. And because it’s so easy to operate, training is quick, minimising downtime.

Should you hire or buy and articulating boom lift? Talk to us today!

We have a wide range of diesel boom lifts, as well as our fleet of cherry pickers, scissor lifts and articulating or telescopic boom lifts. We’ve got the right equipment for your every access need; the hardest choice is whether to buy or hire it. Get in touch today and let’s talk about the best equipment for your project.