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Your business might be in a position to ramp up its access equipment and consider owning instead of hiring. If the time has come to buy your own access equipment, whether it be lifts, platforms, masts or telehandlers, you can easily find such access equipment for sale online.

Choosing The Right Access Equipment

In other words, know which machine will be the most suitable for your needs. For this, you need to identify the best access equipment for the terrain, environment, and complexity required. For assistance with this, search for an experienced supplier in your area, who will be able to give you a selection of options available and let you know what the pro’s and cons of each might be.

In online catalogues, you will find a variety of MEWPs (Mobile Elevating Work Platforms), cherry pickers and other height access machinery displayed. To get as much information as possible, you will want a user-friendly site, through which you can easily browse and select the appropriate machine/s with as much detail provided as possible. Once you have settled on a suitable option or a handful to choose from, you can contact the supplier and continue to the next steps to purchase.

Range of Access Equipment Available

There is a large variety of access equipment for sale online, some of which are:

Vertical Masts

Vertical masts are ideal for awkward spaces that are hard to reach. Telescopic masts climb to a height of 6 to 10 metres. These are intended mainly for maintenance work and warehouse inventories and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts offer stability, simplicity and user-friendly access with minimal outreach capability. The scissor lifts in our equipment sale range vary from 6 to 18-metre access. All-terrain models are available to purchase for outdoor use.

Push-Around Vertical Lifts

When you need supreme simplicity and ease of use, a push-around is the ideal solution. These can access narrow doorways and are perfect for working in public access or confined spaces. No more scaffolding or ladders! Instead, choose a vertical mast for maintenance and repair work, warehouse inventory or similar reaching tasks.


On a challenging job-site and harsh environment, it would be preferable to find telehandlers for sale. With variable positioning and attachments available, telehandlers are versatile and built to be tough.


Booms come with ultra-long reach and speed. This makes them perfect for construction, demolition and maintenance sites, or any other project that requires something above average.

Finding The Best Supplier

When you buy your access equipment online, your chosen supplier should be trustworthy and provide the highest levels of service excellence. As well as being of superb quality, the range of equipment sold must adhere to international standards and local legislation.

Sterling Access equipment is available across South Africa, and we take pride in being reliable, competitive as well as dedicated to after-sales service. With our range of access equipment for sale, you can propel your access work to new heights. Call us today.

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