Exploring The Cost-Effectiveness Of Boom Lift Rentals

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If you need lifting equipment to carry out a job, you might face the decision of whether to rent or buy. If you’re looking at boom lift rental, there are several aspects to consider that can determine its cost-effectiveness.

Let’s look at some factors you should take into account to see if boom lifts for rent are the right way to go for your business.

Project Requirements

When determining whether to rent or purchase lifting equipment, the first thing to consider is the project requirements. If the project for which you need lifting equipment is relatively short-term and one-off, then the rental option might be better suited to your requirements.

However, if you foresee needing lifting equipment over a longer period for various jobs spanning an indefinite time, then it might be more worthwhile to explore purchase options.

Rental Duration

Even if you have a single finite job for which you need lifting equipment, it is important to consider how long the job might take, as the rental duration can affect the cost.

Generally speaking, renting for longer periods costs less per day, whereas shorter rental periods will cost more. The project timeline should be carefully assessed so that you can determine the cost-effectiveness of the rental in terms of daily rates.

The Size and Type of Equipment

Depending on your project requirements, you might need different types of boom lifts, which vary in rental costs.

Larger and more complex equipment will cost more, whereas smaller and simpler equipment tends to cost less. Choosing the right size and type of equipment for your particular task is essential, as this will ensure you don’t overspend.

Delivery and Pickup Costs

When renting lifting equipment, you must consider transportation costs to and from the site.

Where possible, choose a rental company that offers the most reasonable delivery and pickup charges included in the rental price. Ideally, you should rent from a locally-based supplier, as this will help minimise costs as transportation distances will be significantly shorter.

Insurance Coverage

Most rentals will be covered by insurance. However, you should review the insurance options offered by the rental company to determine costs more accurately.

Make sure that you have adequate insurance coverage so that you can be protected against any unforeseen circumstances and unexpected expenses. Checking the insurance terms is crucial to ensuring the cost-effectiveness of your rental agreement, as it can prevent you from suffering unanticipated costs.

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