Ensuring Your Boom Lift Returns to Your Hiring Company in Good Condition

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Do you have an upcoming project for which you’ll need to hire a boom lift? One of the most important things when it comes to any sort of equipment hire, is returning the equipment to the hiring company in the same condition that you got it in.

If you don’t you could be liable for paying for any damages.

As experts when it comes to boom lift hire in Rustenburg, Sterling Access offers some expert advice when it comes to caring for the boom lift you’ve hired and ensuring that it stays in good condition throughout the duration of you using it.

Ask the Hiring Company for Tips

Your hiring company has most likely dealt with a number of instances in which their equipment got damaged. By asking for their tips on how to prevent any damage, you’re likely to gain valuable insight in how you can keep the boom lifts in pristine condition.

Do Not Overload the Boom Lift

One of the things that you should never do is go over the maximum weight capacity of your boom lifts. This maximum capacity is there for a reason, and by overloading your lift you may be compromising its integrity.

Ensure that You Have an Experienced Boom Lift Operator

While operating a boom lifts is fairly straightforward, the person that you choose to operate should have all the necessary qualifications as well as some experience behind them.

Secure Proper Storage

Having proper storage for the boom lifts you’ve hired will protect it from theft, vandalism, and adverse weather conditions. Ensure that you have a storage solution that has good security features.

Don’t Operate the Boom Lift in Extreme Weather Conditions

You may be on a mission to meet your deadlines but that doesn’t mean that you should risk operating a boom lift in extreme weather conditions as this could lead to damage.

Interested in trustworthy boom lifts hire in Rustenburg? Here at Sterling Access, we provide a wide range of boom lifts to choose from and our professional team is more than happy to offer you advice so that you make the right choice.  When it comes to boom lifts, we have both electric and diesel options on offer. Take the time to browse our options online, or contact us if you have any questions.