Could virtual reality be key to future boom lift training?

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When it comes to boom lift training or training for any other elevated platform equipment,
it’s not really possible for proper training to occur unless you can interact with the machine in real
life. It gives workers an understanding and exposure to the machine that’s difficult to replicate any
other way. However, real-life training can often take up time and be inconvenient. Thankfully as
technology advances, virtual reality might be the key to improving boom lift training efforts.

Virtual reality has long been used in gaming and leisure related projects but recently companies are
starting to consider the possibility of using it for training purposes. It would allow them to create an
immersive simulation not only of boom and scissor lifts but also of various scenarios one might
encounter before, during and after using this type of machinery – with the technology tailored to
feel as real as possible.

VR could allow standard training modules to be combined with various scenarios occurring on
different types of terrains one would encounter on the job, and it would require the user to
demonstrate that they can drive around, lift, position and operate their machine in a matter of
hours, which could help give valuable feedback on how their performance could be improved. All
this can be accomplished without risking machine or worker in the field…

Will Virtual Reality replace boom lift training?

Despite being tremendously useful, virtual reality is unlikely to completely replace training. It can be
useful to engage employees and fine-tune their skills before actually practicing with equipment on
the field, and it could also greatly decrease training costs and timing as well.

It’s important to note that virtual reality would at best supplement training but not replace it, as
certified training of such equipment comes with various requirements that cannot really be
simulated using the technology. In addition, the constant evolution of safety procedures and
workplace requirements means that boom lift training is an ongoing process and not a once off one.

If your business is currently seeking training for its MEWP equipment (be it a boom lift or scissor lift)
Sterling Access can help. To find out more about what we offer, please get in touch with us today
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