Construction Site Theft Getting In The Way Of Your Success?

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It’s an unfortunate fact that construction sites have to face the constant fact of equipment or materials theft, which not only impacts the project completion times, it also affects the construction business’s bottom line, sometimes making it impossible to finish a project without considerable loss.

Some of the most commonly recurring security issues around construction site security can be a result of:

  • Sub-standard product identification systems
  • Open or easily accessible cabs
  • Equipment that share the same keys
  • Unsecured sites at night or over weekends
  • Poor general site security

The issue is made even worse by the common thinking that construction sites are easy targets, and because some sites do not adhere to security best practices, theft becomes a reality.

Here are some security tips you can implement to help combat the reality of theft on your construction site:

Your manager has to be on top of things

Your employees should know that management knows what’s going on. This means anything from individual or team praise, to regular meetings on site that shows employees that management is keeping a close eye on activities, and that underhanded activities will surely be spotted.


It might seem an obvious pointer, but ensuring that your construction site is well-lit, especially at night, will deter thieves who mostly depend on darkness to cover their movements.

Have a tight grip on your supply chain

If at all possible, make sure you don’t have excess supplies stored on site, especially copper. Supplies not being used are a prime candidate for theft, so make sure you only have enough of what you need. This means that your supply management will have to be at their best throughout your projects, but it also helps to show that you’re keeping a close eye on the comings and goings on site.

Record keeping is key

Ensure that you know where and what your employees, machinery and supplies are doing on site. This means having an up to date paper trail for all of your site’s activities, via project management software or other methods. The upside is that if you make team bosses and junior managers personally liable, you will create a work force that is as protective of the site as you are.

Construction site theft happens regularly, but it does not have to be a fact of life on your projects. Contact us if you need any more information regarding construction site safety.