What to Consider Before You Hire a Cherry Picker

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If you need access to hard-to-reach places, cherry picker hire is the ideal solution. From fixing roofs and other structures, to scaffolding and repairs to a building, hiring a cherry picker is always recommended. Let’s take a closer look at what you should take in consideration when you rent a cherry picker.

With the right access hire you can set up your equipment easily, and be in the air and ready to reach the areas you need in no time. That’s why it’s important to first assess how high you’ll need to go. The upward reach of a cherry picker is measured upward from the ground level, and includes the reach of an average person. So be sure to make accurate measurements so that you know exactly how high you’ll need to go.

How Far Should I Go?

Each cherry picker has an outreach, referring to how far the machine can stretch sideways. This is ideal for when you need to paint, as you will need to go from side to side. You can use your roller to get a little bit of extra reach. But keep in mind that if you use heavy tools, give yourself some leeway on the outreach so that you don’t have to stretch out too much.

Depending on the outreach, you’ll need to determine the amount of weight that it will need to carry. Remember to add your own weight and the weight of your tools, and make sure it falls within the safe working load of the cherry picker which will be indicated on the machine spec sheet, in the machine manual as well as on the machine.

Do You Need to Be Inside?

If you will be working inside, you need to consider hiring an electric powered machine so that you are not influenced by the fumes that you typically get with a diesel powered machine. Also consider the space you have available, perhaps you’ll need to navigate in tight spaces or narrow areas like corridors. Walk the route and measure it, as you don’t want to sit with a problem on the day you need to work.

What is the Condition On the Ground?

You should also consider aspects like the sloping of the ground, or dealing with a rough terrain. You should always confirm the gradient level on the specs of the machine you want to hire. You may need to get a specialist cherry picker if you have a very rough terrain to work with.

Always make sure that the equipment is well supported, as you do not want any issues later on. If the conditions may change and you are unsure about how to set up your equipment, speak to your access hire company for advice before you start. They can assist you to choose the right machine and also give you advice on how to properly set it up.

Can I Operate the Machine On My Own?

Our cherry pickers can be driven with a basic license if the safety officer is happy with our familiarization training course and material, but it’s always safer to have an experienced operator handle it. Once again, if you are unsure, speak to your hiring company. They can give you the right advice and also put you in touch with qualified operators to ensure that your equipment will be handled safely and effectively.

Sterling Access specialises in cherry picker hire solutions for your construction project. For more information about out equipment, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.