Cherry Picker Uses in the Entertainment Industry

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While most people associate cherry picker with the construction industry, telescopic boom lifts (as they are sometimes called) have dozens of applications in the entertainment industry, with cherry picker uses being a common sight on film sets around the world.

Here at Sterling Access, we offer cherry picker hire services in South Africa, and our clients span across several different industries, including the entertainment industry. If you still can’t quite imagine how cherry pickers may be used in entertainment, in this article we will provide you with four common examples!

Set Creation

Cherry pickers certainly come in handy when it comes to creating realistic sets. The construction of a film set can sometimes take months to complete, and cherry pickers provide the necessary horizontal vertical access to complete a wide variety of set-creation tasks.


Filming is one of the most common uses for cherry picker within the entertainment industry. Cherry pickers allow cameramen to shoot scenes from high angles, and allow directors to get footage from the perfect vantage point. In addition to movies and TV series, cherry pickers are used to help film large sporting events.

Suspending Large Lights

Film sets require large lights to be hung or (at times) held to provide the ideal lighting for certain scenes. Cherry pickers make suspending lights all the easier, and the task can be taken care of within a matter of minutes. This is cherry picker are often hired for the entirety of a film project, so that lighting can easily be adjusted whenever necessary.


When it’s time for the movie to be advertised across the country, it is often cherry pickers that are used for hanging signs on massive billboards, thus displaying yet another use for this versatile form of equipment.

Are you looking for cherry picker hire services, offered by a reliable access hire company, in South Africa? Look no further than Sterling Access. Here at Sterling Access, we offer a wide range of well-maintained diesel-operated cherry pickers for you to choose from, as well as an array of other types of access equipment. View our fleet online, or contact us if you’d like to discuss your upcoming project and your access hire needs.