Cherry Picker Hire Rustenburg: Safety Checklist

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Get ready for a little peace of mind when you spot someone way up high working in a cherry picker. There are a couple of non-negotiable things that need to be ticked off the before a cherry picker is ready for hire in Rustenburg. And once ticked off, peace of mind is enjoyed.

MEWP Pre-Use Inspection Checklist

This checklist is something that needs to be done before every use of the machine. Included in the extensive checklist are a number of area checks that ensure that all is well. A MEWP (Mobile Elevating Work Platforms) cherry picker or boom lift or whatever you prefer to call it, may seem like a simple mechanism to operate – it just goes up and down right? Wrong. Someone still has to risk their lives when being elevated at such a height, as well as, the potential risks that others face if the machine isn’t up to scratch. These are just two reasons that make the safety checks for these mechanisms so extensive and necessary.

Shut Down Procedures

This part of the checklist involves testing different areas of the mechanism to make sure that the various state of things is A-Okay while the cherry picker is switched off. This is the first round of testing that gets done. A few of the items that are checked are the functions, environment for safekeeping, tires, batteries, oil, fuel, and so on.

Function Checks

The next part of the pre-inspection test involves ticking off various parts of the machine while it’s turned on. This includes making sure that the various components and instruments are in working order, as well as the actual function that the machine is meant to conduct like the lifting of the platform and so on.


This check only covers a few arbitrary things such as the status of the operating manual, miscellaneous parts, condition of the machine and other bits and ends. This is the smallest section of the checklist that needs to be covered.

Workplace Inspection

This section is all about the surrounding area around the machine. It is concerned with any obstructions that may get in the way of the machine moving, any hazardous materials that may be laying around, and other potential hazards or obstacles.

If you’re interested in acquiring the services of a cherry picker for hire in Rustenburg, or to purchase one of your own, look no further. Sterling Access is well-equipped with all the latest and safest MEWPs and cherry picker’s for hire. So contact us now!

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