Cherry Picker for Sale Rustenburg – 3 Benefits of Owning a Cherry Picker

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Cherry pickers, or scissor lifts as they’re also called, are multipurpose industrial tools. A cherry picker can be used in virtually any business or property project that requires access to an aerial work site. At the Sterling Group, we have a cherry picker for sale in Rustenburg, with all the features you may need.

What is a Cherry Picker?

Cherry pickers are a type of crane-like industrial vehicle and are engineered with a hydraulic system that allows for vertical movement of a platform. The base is made up of crisscrossed metal structures that support the weight carried and act like a spring to move the load up and down. On top of this base, there’s a flat surface platform that can accommodate people and equipment as required.

You can choose any cherry picker for sale in Rustenburg from the Sterling Group. We offer a selection of:

  • Diesel scissor lifts, which use fuel to run; and
  • Electric scissor lifts, which make use of electronic power to operate.


3 Advantages of Owning a Cherry Picker

You could always hire a cherry picker if you need to, but what happens if you need to use the machine more often? Constant use of a hiring service might hike up your operational costs. Here are three main benefits that come with ownership.

  1. Increased productivity:

Cherry pickers are designed to allow for quick and safe vertical movement, while providing the convenience of space for equipment. Workers don’t need to worry about scaling up and down to reach a highly placed work site. The movement happens at the flip of a switch, which means you or your employees can focus on completing the task at hand without any hassles.

  1. A boost on-site safety:

Well thought-out safety features and safety gear mean you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing the risk of injury is reduced when you use a cherry picker. If you own it, then you know it will always be available for you and your employees to use.

  1. Cut costs:

Because the cherry picker is all yours, you don’t need to pay someone else each time you use it. Just take care of maintenance and the machine will serve you for a long time.

We have a Cherry Picker for Sale in Rustenburg, with everything you need. Contact the Sterling Group to learn more about the benefits of owning an access lift for your business or property.