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Top 5 Uses Of A Cherry Picker For Sale

Have you seen the perfect cherry picker for sale, but just not quite sure as to what value it will add to your enterprise? Cherry pickers or articulating boom lifts actually have a variety of uses, including:

Use Cherry Picker For Maintenance Work

While ladders and scaffolding may be somewhat helpful when cleaning and providing maintenance work to tall buildings, there is nothing like a cherry picker to provide a stable, and easily moveable platform from which to provide this sort of work. Cherry pickers are very often used for safe and mobile building maintenance.

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Use Cherry Picker For Fixing And Servicing Telephone Poles

One of the only safe ways to fix telephone and electricity poles is with a cherry picker. Telephone poles are usually too tall and narrow to use a ladder. Cherry pickers provide a secure way in which to provide this specialised service. This is a service that will always be in demand thanks to the millions of telephone poles connecting the world.

Filming Large Events With Cherry Pickers

A cherry picker can very often provide the best seat in the house for large events, ranging from concerts to sports matches. That is why so many film crews, who cover large events, use cherry pickers to get a comprehensive view and mount their equipment on. It’s all about those high angles!

Fire Service Using Cherry Pickers

Firemen are extremely brave service people who continuously risk their lives to help people. Cherry pickers make these people’s jobs just a bit safer and easier by helping them get to hard to reach places, and assisting firemen in helping to rescue people from tall buildings in situations where a ladder would just not be possible.

Picking Fruit With Cherry Pickers

This is where cherry pickers really get their name. Cherry pickers have been used for picking fruit from high up branches for decades now, eliminating the danger that fruit pickers once faced when picking fruit, and easily moving from one tree to the next.

Sterling Access provides heavy-duty machinery and have cherry pickers for sale in South Africa. Interested in any of our products or services? Feel free to get in touch with us today. While there are many uses for cherry pickers, as discussed above, there’s a variety of uses within large companies and business as well.

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